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Broken Device! Nothing to worry, is here to help you out. We understand the value for your favorite gadgets, be it laptop, smartphone or play station. We are expert in repairing your broken phone, broken LCD screen, game console and lot more. All our services are warranty proof!


Hey! Good news for you all, instantfix offers home service. We serve you at your doorstep. Just call us describing your issue, our service team will arrange for pick up from your place and bring it to the service store for service, once done we deliver it back to your place.


Instantfix by name you can understand that we focus on fixing your damaged gadget or product quickly. The excellent knowledgeable technicians are capable of fixing your gadget quick. We are best at repairing any kind of damage- be it water damage, broken parts or software corrupted, we do all.


Fast return/ pick is one of our key specialty, this service is specially customized for you as we understand you’re the value of your gadget in your life. We have a dedicated team who arranged for pick up and fast return of your repaired product at your doorstep.

Instant LCD / Motherboard / BATTERY FIX IN 30 MINS!

Instantfix really work instantly. We can recover and fix your damaged motherboard or broken LCD or damaged battery within just 30 minutes. Isn’t it unbelievable! We provide free pick up and drop at your doorstep.


Dead Phone Repair

Your Apple I Phone got dead all of a sudden. Do not panic call us and we will solve your issue instantly within limited time frame.

Android Boot Issue

Facing Android booting issue, no problem, Instantfix is here to solve it on immediate basis. Booting issue mainly occurs due to some software problem, we are here to solve it within few hours.

Apple Software Recover

Have you lost your data and have your Apple iOS got hanged, do not worry, instantfix is expert in recovering your Apple iOS software along with your data.

Windows Recovery

Are your suffering from windows issue at your laptop/desktop? Windows recovery is not an easy task as your important data are stored and there is risk of losing it. Our expert team will do it for you at limited time frame.

Mac OS X Recovery

Instantfix is best in solving all Apple products’ issue. Be it Apple iOS or Mac OS X we can recover all. We do with all care and try to save your valuable data.

Apple/Android/Watch Fix

At Instantfix we are expert in fixing any issue related to damage smart watch from Apple or Android. Smart watch issues such as broken screen, software issues, charging problem, at Instantfix our experts solve all such problems.

We Service Apple Products

Instantfix is serving you since many years. We are specialized in providing service for any kind of Apple product. Any kind of issue you are facing with Apple product and if you are Dubai, here is the solution. Call us immediately to fix your issue. We repair and fix immediately any kind of software or hardware issues such as broken iPhone glass replacement, iPhone screen Repair service, water damage, battery issue, loudspeaker problem, Mac OS installation etc. We are specialized in various products of Apple- MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, I Phone, etc. Call us immediately to fix your issue.

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Each of our service varies as per the product and the cost also depends accordingly. But yes you can be assured that the price we offer is unbeatable in market. For better understanding and to know the specific price call us to discuss your issue, we will quote you the best price.
Our diagnosis is free, so nothing to worry. Once we receive your product we do the diagnosis and get back to you to discuss the price. If you agree with the cost, we go ahead and repair the product for you, else we return it back to you.
We provide stipulated time to get your product repaired. Once we receive call from you, we pick up the product and check the damage and decide the price. Once intimated with you regarding the price we keep the product at our store. Approximately you have a month to decide.
Yes, of course you can get your broken iPhone repaired. We have a good stock of various parts and software of each product of Apple, that also at an unbelievable price. Just call us to know more details about Apple product repair.
It is better to keep a backup of your iPhone music especially which you bought through iTunes as that you need to access it from your account. But still if you cannot, we will try to recover it but providing guarantee will be bit tough.
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Do you want to sell your mobile phone?
We can sell your cell phone device in the matter of 30 minutes.

Gallery Before – After


Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.


Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.


Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.


Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.


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