Broken Mobile Glass & Screen Repair in Dubai - We understand how you must feel when your favorite and great looking phone just got a crack on its screen simply due to some sudden accident. A cracked screen completely destroys the show of the phone. Like any other software issues cracked glass issue is easy to diagnose and it happens mainly due to fall or drop due to inattentiveness or some accidental issue. Cracked screen not only makes your phone to look bad but also is dangerous as this thin glass can get your cut your skin if you try to use it.

It even damages your functionality as the touch screen does not works properly.  People at times try to repair it themselves but it is a wrong move as this service requires delicacy and expert hands otherwise your phone can get damaged forever, so better to get it fixed from some good service center.

At instantfix we strive to provide the best quality and original glass screen which will give cell phone a new life. To ensure the safety of other parts of your phone we protect and seal your screen from dust and air. Our expert team of service carries this out very diligently. We provide warranty on the branded product and also on our services. The best part all these you will get at challenging price from market. As a token of our love for our clients we provide this service with free pick and drop facility so that no time will be wasted!