Phone lock is a serious problem which many people faces due to various reasons. And unlocking phone is really not an easy task. But instantfix is having an expert team who can sort out such issues in no time.

Many SIM brands keep their SIM and phone locked so that you cannot use it by using SIM of any other service provider. But due to lucrative offers, good service or if you are going to other country where that SIM cannot work you may require to change your SIM or hire a separate service provider, in that case you need to break the code or lock in your current phone. There instantfix comes in to picture.

  • It is quite impossible for any common person to break the lock and your phone becomes useless.
  • However hard code there be, we help you to sort out quite easily.
  • Moreover your phone must always be in safe hands; in that case you can easily rely on us.
  • Be it any brand we sort out this unlocking issue for all.
  • We can give the best price which is unbeatable in market.
  • Each of our service is with complete warranty, if any issue occurs we sort it out for free within the warranty period except physical damage.

 Tips to know about phone locking

  • The phone displays an invalid sim card
  • The phone shows please insert valid sim card