Water damage can cause severe harm to your gadget, be it phone, tablet or laptop, moist and dust are two great enemies for your gadgets. Instantfix sorts all such issues which you face due to water damage. If it is damaged badly then also we at least guarantee to get back the important data and necessary information from your phone.

Due to rain or sudden accidents your phone gets into water tub, toilet or pool. Nothing to worry, just get your phone out of water and do not switch it on. Once done that simply give a call to our technical team. We will arrange a free pick up from your place and get it to our service station where our technical engineers will go through your phone and sort out the issue and return it back to you in running state. Is it not wonderful! Be it any brand we sort out all such issues. Choosing us for such service will be a better thing to do as it will save both time and money. We provide solution within stipulated time frame and at an unbelievable price.

Tips to follow for the water damage phone accidents:

  • Switch off the phone
  • Please take out off the battery from the phone to avoid the further complications on the phone circuit
  • Get repair your phone as soon as possible if it is delay there might be a chance of lost.

From beginning air quality testing and shape distinguishing proof to safe evacuation strategies, we ensure your property is repaired rapidly and professionally.